Machine gun kelly - Breaking news




Описание: Machine gun kelly - Breaking news

Backpack, fuck that, I was always hanging where the thugs at
I was always hanging with the rug rats
Someone come and show me where the drugs at
Someone come and pop on a hot song, meaning my shit
Get and iPhone, take a video
I'll make a last song, get some popcorn
'Cause I murder every single instrumental that I get on
And a motherfucker isn't gonna stop this year
Until I make an album like a 2Pacalypse
Until I'm killing everybody like an Auschwitz
Until I'm revolutionary like a Gandhi
Until I'm popping all these bottle to accomplishments
Until I'm always high and mellow where the comet is
Until whenever somebody is feeling talkative
My name is brought up, doesn't matter what the topic is
Didn't think I rap? Bitch I flow like boom, boom, bah
Bet you come from where you never move that
Look into my room, get a few look at my packs, goddamn
Got weed, got jack, oxys have that
Got jimmy, got slash, got shrooms, got hash
...syndrome mad
Walked on the red carpet like kiss my ass you bitch

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