Niсk Kershaw - You're The Best




Описание: Niсk Kershaw - You're The Best

You're the best You're the best
I confess it, I'm impressed
You're amazing
You're the wham You're the bam
You're the thank-you and the mam
You're the cat's meeow
You're the best Heaven's sake
You're the cherry on the cake
You're amazing
You're the knees of the bees
You're the winner if you please
Take a bowowow

You're funny and you're shiny
And I'm loving every tiny thing about you
You're beautiful and clever
And I wonder what I'd ever do without you
Don't like to make a fuss
I wouldn't wanna make you blush
I wouldn't wanna have it going to your head
But it goes without saying that it must be said

Исполнитель и название полного трека: Niсk Kershaw - You're The Best

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