Ramirez - Dolemite




Описание: Ramirez - Dolemite

Now he see what I mean when I say I beat the pussy
Bitch I got a f*cking pentagram displayed on my hoodie
Spit 666
Cramming the gar with some good weed
Light up the blunt
I'm a misfit split between resisting existence and what I could be
Oddy Nuff been up for centuries
Probably should sleep
All part of God's plan
Got a heap of sheep that I slaughtered on my land
Three shovels in the dirt
Six unmarked graves
Result of the blade
Got a noose round my neck as I rest in the shade
As I fade away the devil is pulling my leg

Исполнитель и название полного трека: $uicideboy$ feat. Ramirez – Dolemite


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