Ring Them Bells (1m 07s)




Описание: Ring Them Bells (1m 07s)

Ring them bells, beat them drums,
I'm gonna stay until she comes,
She's not havin' to self for good time without me.
So i'll have just one more drink
And give myself some kind to think,
I love her so and I know this just can't be.

I'll just sit here and wait,
She'll be in before too late,
She's gotta go where they rockin' to and fro'.
Ring them bells, beat them drums,
They could hear so she will come,
She's making every place in town, come on let's go.

Blow it up! Ow!
Yeah, louder!
She'll be here!
I know she will.

Исполнитель и название полного трека: Sam The Sham & The Pharaohs - Ring Them Bells

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