Ron G - Dumb (remix)




Описание: Ron G - Dumb (remix)

Above the feeling, this is revealing
Boy, I didn't know you cared
Must've been up on the weekend,
In the club freakin', boy I could see your stare

You were lookin' right at me lookin' right back we
Knew there was something there
And I know you knew that if we did do this
It would be an affair

'Coz my man s at home
Looking at the finger his ring goes on
He got trust in me
How 'm I gonna live with myself if I cheat?

Better be dumb, diggi-diggi-di dumb da don't want none
Though I know it would be fun to get some
Gotta run now, gotta go, gotta get home
'Coz my baby boy's on his own

Better be dumb, diggy diggy di dumb da don't want none
'Though I know it 'd be fun to get some
Gotta go now, I got's to get home
My baby boy's on his o-----wn

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