Tessa Rae - Faded (Jake Crocker Remix)




Описание: Tessa Rae - Faded (Jake Crocker Remix)

End of summer
God it's such a bummer
When we say goodbye I wanna cry
Turns you on so I don't wipe my eyes
Bad habits
Got me all distracted
Cigarettes and Hennessy
Always blurring up my dreams
I'm a princess on your throne
I can feel you in my bones
When I know you're in the zone
Can't help but come home
Feeling faded in this world just for two
Feelings changing in the days of my youth
Tried to find out who we are
We got blinded by the stars
I pray this drink shows me the truth

Исполнитель и название полного трека: Tessa Rae - Faded (Jake Crocker Remix)


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