That's what I like about you (Evan Berg Remix)




Описание: That's what I like about you (Evan Berg Remix)

You got me, baby, I got you back
Looking at you, thinking about
All of the ways that you know me
I can't get enough
We got the future, but in the past
Good and the bad, making it last
We are what I want and I want what I already got
When you come through the room
I know that you know
If you fall, I will be there
Let's light up like the moon
Yeah, we're taking off, make it even brighter
That's what I like about you (hey-ey)
That's what I li-li-li-li-like...

Исполнитель и название полного трека: Lost Kings feat. Katelyn Tarver - You (Evan Berg Remix)

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