THEY. - Motley Crue (Phazz Remix) версия 2




Описание: THEY. - Motley Crue (Phazz Remix) версия 2

Mama, look at where a nigga at
I can see I'm slipping through the cracks
Feeling like a fucking captain, I'm smashing the pedal
I ain't never looking back
All I really ever wanted, to be honest
Was to put my niggas on and now we running it
This shit was never really promised to me
So I probably should be acting like a nigga humble
You gotta love it when you know you got the fucking juice in this motherfucker
That's why we ride like troops through this motherfucker
Sunset, no roof in this motherfucker
Tommy Lee, Motley Crue in this motherfucker
Okay, now hold up, wait a minute

Исполнитель и название полного трека: THEY. - Motley Crue (Phazz Remix)

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