Tory Lanez feat. 50 Cent - Pieces




Описание: Tory Lanez feat. 50 Cent - Pieces

Stunt, get jumped on, slashed or dumped-ons
Same block you pump on is the spot you get slumped on
Tory told me the story, it sounded a little crazy
A little Nas, a little 2Pac, Brenda's havin' a baby
How much pressure can you take 'fore you snap or break?
Love turn to hate? Fuck shit or fake
Your next move may raise the murder rate
From average to savage, to semi-automatics
It's tragic how the static'll have us goin' at it
I want you, my dear
No, I won't leave you lonely
You hold your head up high
I won't let go 'cause I can't leave you lonely

Исполнитель и название полного трека: Tory Lanez feat. 50 Cent - Pieces


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